Drupal 8 Views Module

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7 hours (usually 1 day including breaks)


Basic Drupal knowledge, including content types and fields. NO PROGRAMMING KNOWLEDGE IS REQUIRED.


This course has been created for Drupal site builders who want to use Drupal views to present, aggregate and analyse their data.

Course Outline

Drupal views overview

  • Creating a view
  • Filtering a view
  • Exposing filters
  • Passing arguments to a view

Views and relationships

  • Displaying data from two nodes in one row (e.g. page title and authors date of birth)
  • Using relationships in filters

Analysing and Searching Data

  • Views Bonus Pack
  • Views Fast Search
  • View Calc

Dynamic Reports

  • Filtering date range
  • Charts
  • Summaries, sum, average, min, max, etc...
  • Calculated fields
  • Cross table reports
  • Exporting and importing views
  • Exporting a view
  • Importing a view
  • Hard coding a view in your module

Exporting views data

  • Exporting data to Microsoft Excel (CVS)
  • Exporting data to Microsoft Word document and other formats

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