增強現實(AR)培訓 | Augmented Reality (AR)培訓


本地,有指導的現場增強現實(AR)培訓課程通過交互式討論和實踐AR的基礎知識和高級主題演示。 AR培訓可作為“現場實況培訓”或“遠程實時培訓”。現場實地培訓可在當地客戶所在地進行台灣或者在NobleProg公司的培訓中心台灣 。遠程實時培訓通過交互式遠程桌面進行。 NobleProg您當地的培訓提供商。

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Augmented Reality子類別


ARKit是爲iPhone和iPad創建增強現實(AR)體驗的新框架。 在這個有指導意義的現場培訓中,參與者將學習如何爲iPhone和iPad開發增強現實(AR)應用程序。 在培訓結束後,參與者將能夠: 將2D或3D數字對象和信息與真實世界的環境混合讓屏幕上的應用程序,讓他們與現實世界進行互動使用ARKit的位置跟蹤和場景理解功能將ARKit與SceneKit和SpriteKit集成使用Metal 2控制渲染 聽衆 開發商 課程的格式 部分講座,部分討論,練習和沈重的練習
Augmented Reality (AR) technology integrates digital images with objects in the real word, enhancing a user's interaction with their environment. In this instructor-led, live training, participants will learn the fundamentals of Augmented Reality (AR) technologies and the main AR products as they step through the creation of AR mobile applications.  By the end of this training, participants will be able to:
  • Develop AR mobile applications
  • Apply image recognition and object tracking
  • Use geolocation functionality
  • Understand the ARAF format for AR content
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Content producers, journalists or teachers
  • Web designers
  • App developers
Format of the course
  • Part lecture, part discussion, exercises and heavy hands-on practice
Augmented Reality (AR)是一種通過將虛擬計算機生成的元素與物理真實環境混合來改善用戶體驗的技術。 AR的採用在各個行業都有所增長。 在這個以講師為主導的現場培訓中,參與者將學習如何為各種商業和行業應用構建增強現實Android應用程序。 在培訓結束時,參與者將能夠:
  • 了解AR的基本原理
  • 安裝和配置用於構建AR應用程序(如Vuforia和Unity基本框架和工具
  • 構建一個AR Android應用程序,通過實時真實數據覆蓋計算機生成的數據
  • 對增強現實Android應用程序進行故障排除,測試和部署
  • 開發商
  • 工程師
  • 部分講座,部分討論,練習和繁重的實踐練習
  • 要申請本課程的定制培訓,請聯繫我們安排。
增強現實(AR)是一項技術,通過將虛擬電腦生成的元素與物理現實世界環境相融合,從而提高用戶體驗。 AR的采用一直在各行業見到增長。 在這個有指導的實時培訓中,參與者將學習如何在運行Windows平台的設備上爲各種商業和行業應用程序構建增強現實應用程序。 在培訓結束後,參與者將能夠: 了解AR的基本原理安裝和配置必要的框架和工具(Vuforia SDK,Unity遊戲引擎等),用于在Windows上構建AR應用程序構建一個AR應用程序,將計算機生成的數據覆蓋在實時現實數據上在Windows上排除故障,測試和部署增強現實應用程序 聽衆 開發商工程師 課程的格式 部分講座,部分討論,練習和沈重的練習 注意 要請求本課程的定制培訓,請聯系我們安排。
Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging technology domain that connects physical objects and software applications wirelessly for remote sensing and control. Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that improves user experience by blending virtual computer-generated elements with the physical real-world environment. AR allows businesses to provide users with a real-time and real-world view of information. These are two technologies that have been seeing a rapidly growing adoption rate across multiple industries. In this instructor-led, live training, participants will learn the fundamentals of IoT and AR and apply these learnings to their organizations' operations and strategies. By the end of this training, participants will be able to:
  • Understand the fundamentals of IoT and AR
  • Learn how IoT and AR technologies work
  • Understand how IoT and AR technologies can be applied to their business' strategy
  • Make informed business decisions about IoT and AR
  • Managers
  • Entrepreneurs
Format of the course
  • Part lecture, part discussion, exercises and heavy hands-on practice
  • To request a customized training for this course, please contact us to arrange.
Artoolkit是用于創建增強現實(AR)應用程序的開源追蹤庫。它支持Windows,Linux,Mac,Android和iOS。 在這個有指導的現場培訓中,參與者將學習如何使用Artoolkit構建增強現實移動應用程序。 在培訓結束後,參與者將能夠: 開發一個將虛擬影像覆蓋到現實世界的移動應用程序預處理視頻以調整照明並解決問題將ARToolkit與第三方工具和功能集成,包括OpenCV,Unity,OpenSceneGraph和移動設備的GPS,指南針和相機校准工具 聽衆 開發商 課程的格式 部分講座,部分討論,練習和沈重的練習 注意 本課程開發的移動應用程序可以針對Android和/或iOS。要請求您的偏好,請聯系我們安排。
This instructor-led, live training in 台灣 (online or onsite) is aimed at developers who wish to use ARCore to build and enhance augmented reality apps, integrating virtual content into the real world. By the end of this training, participants will be able to:
  • Set up the necessary development environment to start developing ARCore apps.
  • Understand the UX design guidelines to create realistic virtual experiences for mobile apps.
  • Run immersive simulations to test AR apps performance.
  • Enhance existing mobile apps by optimizing the ARCore features.

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