Blockchain Development with Coinbase培訓

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21 hours 同常來說包括休息是 3天


  • Experience with web development and programming
  • General familiarity with Blockchain technology


區塊鏈是一個分散的數據庫系統,它將數據存儲在分布在許多節點上的分類帳中。 Coinbase是一個區塊鏈平台,用于與比特幣,以太坊和萊特幣等數字貨幣進行交易。 在這個有指導意義的現場培訓中,參與者將學習如何使用Coinbase開發區塊鏈應用程序。 在培訓結束後,參與者將能夠: 了解區塊鏈及其基礎,以及它的工作原理探索Coinbase爲開發人員提供的産品和功能使用Coinbase API開始構建自己的區塊鏈應用程序 聽衆 開發商 IT專業人員 課程的格式 部分講座,部分討論,練習和沈重的練習

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Understanding the Blockchain Technology

  • Understanding Distributed Ledgers
  • What is Blockchain?
  • Understanding How Blockchain Networks Work
  • Understanding the Benefits of Blockchain
  • Overview of Blockchain Use Cases

Understanding the Foundations of Blockchain Technology

  • Symmetric Information
  • Historical Integrity
  • Extensible Security
  • Democratic Authenticity
  • Decentralization and Fault Tolerance

Overview of Coinbase

Using the Coinbase Digital API

  • Overview of the Coinbase Digital API
  • Using Client Libraries
  • Using API Key Authentication
  • Configuring Permissions
  • Setting Up Notifications
  • Using Multisig API
  • Understanding Error Codes

Using OAuth2 (Coinbase Connect)

  • Overview of the OAuth2 Protocol
  • Integrating Your Web Application with Coinbase Connect
  • Mobile Integration with Coinbase Connect
  • Setting Up OAuth2 Permissions
  • Setting Up OAuth2 Two Factor Authentication
  • Using Access Tokens and Refresh Tokens
  • Best Practices in Security with OAuth2

Coding a Bitcoin Wallet

  • Authenticating with the Coinbase API
  • Installing the Coinbase API Client
  • Creating a Bitcoin Wallet
  • Sending Bitcoin Programmatically
  • Retrieving Data from Your Bitcoin Wallet

Sending and Receiving Bitcoin Using Your Coinbase Wallets

  • Receiving Funds by Generating Bitcoin Addresses
  • Sending Funds from Coinbase Wallet to a Bitcoin Address or Email
  • Requesting Funds
  • Facilitating Free Transactions

Buying and Selling Bitcoin Using the Coinbase API

Retrieving Real-Time Bitcoin Price Data Using Coinbase API

Using Coinbase Buy Widget to Embed Coinbase Buy Functionality into Your Website and Applications

Using the GDAX API


Summary and Conclusion








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