本地,具有指導意義的現場思科培訓課程通過交互式討論和實踐思科網絡的基礎知識和高級主題進行演示。思科培訓可作為“現場實時培訓”或“遠程實時培訓”。現場實地培訓可在當地客戶所在地進行台灣或者在NobleProg公司的培訓中心台灣 。遠程實時培訓通過交互式遠程桌面進行。 NobleProg您當地的培訓提供商。

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A 5 day practical networking course designed to familiarise students with Cisco IOS (version 12). The course details the key commands used to configure and secure Cisco routers and switches, and covers the CCNA syllabus - including wired and wireless LAN access. Students will inter-connect networks by implementing static routes, distance-vector and link-state based dynamic routing protocols. The devices will be configured to route traffic across LAN/VLAN//WAN boundaries, by encapsulating datagrams across serial data links using various WAN protocols, such as HDLC, Frame Relay, ISDN and PPP (with CHAP authentication). VLAN encapsulation/tagging will be via IEEE802.1Q/P. Standard and Extended Access Control Lists will be configured and applied to router interfaces to filter traffic based on IP address and/or traffic type. Students will configure static and dynamic NAT to route between private and public networks and cover the theory of Virtual Private Networks (VPN's) Students will copy router configurations and IOS images to/from a TFTP Server. Privileged commands will be used to debug TCP/IP protocols to ensure proper operation of the routers. Students will also perform password recovery operations. The course is primarily aimed at IP v4 but does give an overview of IP v6 addressing and covers migration from an IP v4 to an IP v6 network. Other protocols and technologies (VPN's / Wireless) may be demonstrated if time permits. Course can be customised to precise requirements of customer. Audience: This course is suitable for anyone looking for a basic understanding of internetworking with Cisco devices and covers the CCNA syllabus. Course is approximately 50% practical
A 4 day instructor-led practical course designed to familiarise delegates with the Cisco ASA Firewall CLI and ASDM. The course details the key commands used to configure and secure networks using the ASA Firewall with v8 of the operating system and version 6 of the ASDM. Delegates will configure the ASA using the console port, TFTP server, telnet and SSH using local and RADIUS authentication. The device will be configured to utilise Syslog and SNMP. ASA Firewalls will also be configured to use Access-Lists, Network Address Translation and VPN's utilising IPSec protocols. The course will cover the theory of Public/Private Keys, shared secret keys and their use in forming Site to site VPN's between ASA Firewalls using IKE and IPSec. Students will configure the units to create site to site VPN's, remote access VPN's using the Cisco Secure VPN Client and Web VPN's. The course will cover the theory of failover and delegates will configure Active/Standby failover on the ASA. Privileged commands and protocol analyser traces will be used, where necessary, to debug protocols and ensure proper operation of the ASA Firewall. Students will also perform password recovery operations. This course will involve interfacing the ASA with other network equipment, such as routers and switches, as would be expected in a network environment. Audience: Course is suitable for anyone involved in ASA firewall configuration and network security Course is approximately 50% practical
該課程由兩個互補的部分組成 - 理論部分和實踐部分。第一個是為期一天的介紹,內容涉及SIP協議的動機,理念,基本原理和操作規則,以及它用於實現電信服務的方式,重點是IP電話和VoIP 。第二個為期兩天的部分使參與者能夠在實踐實驗練習的框架內學習服務操作的實際方面,詳細了解SIP電話架構的組件配置,消息序列圖和內部消息結構級別的SIP信令,以及幫助理解典型問題和故障排除,包括安全和電信欺詐方面。培訓師將分享他們在SIP電話的啟動,運營和管理方面的經驗,包括虛擬化和基於雲的解決方案。使用SIP硬件電話和軟電話以及IP電話服務器(Asterisk和Freeswitch)提供實用部分。參與者可以利用培訓師在IP電話方面擁有豐富的技術和業務經驗並提交自己的問題和問題。它們將作為培訓的補充納入議程,以滿足當前客戶的迫切需求。培訓面向具有電信服務基礎知識和經驗的參與者 - 特別是VoIP和IP網絡。
SD-WAN是一種管理WAN(廣域網)的軟件定義方法。 這種由講師指導的現場培訓(現場或遠程)針對希望使用Cisco SD-WAN產品來設置和操作軟件定義網絡的工程師。 在培訓結束時,參與者將能夠:
  • 安裝和配置Cisco SD-WAN。
  • 創建控製網絡流量的策略。
  • 理解並實現疊加路由。
  • 簡化用於公共雲應用程序的網絡管理。
  • 互動講座和討論。
  • 大量的練習和練習。
  • 在實時實驗室環境中親自實施。
  • 要申請本課程的定制培訓,請聯繫我們安排。

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