在線或現場,講師指導的現場PL / SQL(過程語言/結構化查詢語言)培訓課程通過互動討論和動手實踐展示了PL / SQL在使用資料庫,自動化流程和構建應用程式方面的巨大潛力,以及用這種語言開發的高級機制和解決方案。


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這個為期3天的課程介紹了ORACLE PL/ SQL ,這是一個應用程序開發環境,可以使用SQL和PL/ SQL命令編寫存儲過程,函數和触發器。 該課程採用講習班的形式,包括講座,工作實例和實踐練習。雖然內容可以定制,但至少需要2天才能涵蓋核心要素。 提供完整的課程說明以及用於訪問ORACLE數據庫的示例數據庫文件,示例SQL文件和免費軟件工具。
這些研討會致力于迄今爲止尚未與PL / SQL聯系的程序員,最終用戶和管理員,並需要利用其在數據庫,流程自動化和建築應用程序方面的巨大能力。本次研討會旨在讓參與者熟悉PL / SQL編程語言及其可能性和局限性。本次研討會包括與免費實現應用程序邏輯,數據處理過程自動化和數據庫管理所需的PL / SQL編程語言相關機制的完整知識
For who Workshops are dedicated to developers, end users and administrators, who until now have had no contact with the language PL / SQL, and the need to exploit its huge potential in working with a database, automate processes, and in building applications Exams and Certificates The plan covers the training material required to pass the exam 1Z0-144 Oracle Database 11g Program with PL / SQL and obtain the title of Oracle PL / SQL Developer Certified Associate Purpose of training The workshop aims to familiarize participants with the programming language PL / SQL, its capabilities and limitations. This workshop will include a full understanding of the mechanisms involved in the programming language PL / SQL needed to implement the logic of the free applications, automation of data processing and database management. The content of the training
  • Introduction to PL / SQL architecture solutions based on this language, the organization of the working environment
  • Create scripts and stored program units that operate on data
Notes The workshops are based on the software version 11g XE
For who This training is in addition to, and continuation of the 'Oracle 11g - Programming in PL / SQL and - workshops ", but can also be designed for practitioners, developers, PL / SQL who already have experience with the language, and who want to systematize their knowledge and learn advanced mechanisms and solutions developed in this language. The content of the training
  • Objects, streams and complex data structures
  • Advanced solutions based on PL / SQL
Exams and Certificates The plan covers the training material required to pass the exam 1Z0-146 Oracle Advanced PL / SQL and obtain the title of Oracle Advanced PL / SQL Developer Certified Professional Purpose of training The training is designed to familiarize participants with the advanced aspects of programming in an Oracle database. The emphasis is on flexibility and performance solutions based on PL / SQL. Notes The workshops are based on the software version 11g XE

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