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Scrum.org培訓 提供最高質量的培訓,包括最先進的培訓材料和經過認證的專業 Scrum Trainers™ (PST) 來提供培訓。課程和課件經過高度調整和標準化。培訓材料由 創始人和 Scrum 共同創建者 Ken Schwaber 與 PST 社區一起創建和維護,有助於確保它們始終與組織中發生的情況保持一致並了解最新實踐。課程在世界各地提供。培訓師將自己的風格和經驗帶入課程中,但所有培訓師在世界各地都使用相同的材料,因此無論課程在哪裡教授以及由誰教授,學生都可以從相同的內容中學習。

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This instructor-led, live training in 台灣 (online or onsite) is aimed at product owners who wish to gain knowledge of advanced techniques for successful product ownership in dynamic and challenging environments as a Professional Scrum Product Owner II (PSPO II). By the end of this training, participants will be able to:
  • Understand advanced strategies for maximizing the value delivered by the product and prioritize effectively in complex situations.
  • Apply refined backlog management techniques to ensure the team works on the most valuable items, and collaborate with stakeholders to refine and split user stories.
  • Engage with diverse stakeholders, manage their expectations, and effectively incorporate their feedback into the product development process.
  • Gain insights into scaling Scrum, managing multiple Product Backlogs, and coordinating efforts in larger product development environments.
Training allows you to develop your competencies, learn advanced knowledge, techniques, tools and practices in the area of conducting projects based on the "Scrum framework" from the perspective of a Scrum Master - a leader responsible for understanding and applying Scrum effectiveness. The training is a natural continuation of the path of development for Scrum Masters. The training is dedicated to Scrum Masters who are interested in further developing, implementing and improving the effectiveness of Scrum in the organization. The training consists of a substantive part, workshops, practical examples.
As part of the training, participants are prepared for certification - Scrum Master level II through a test exam and have the opportunity to take the certification exam.

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