User Experience (UX) Design培訓

User Experience (UX) Design培訓

在線或現場、由講師指導的實時用戶體驗 (UX) 設計培訓課程通過交互式實踐演示 UX 設計的基礎知識和高級概念。用戶體驗設計培訓可作為“在線實時培訓”或“現場實時培訓”。在線實時培訓(又名“遠程實時培訓”)是通過交互式遠程桌面進行的。現場現場培訓可以在 台灣 中的客戶場所本地進行,也可以在 台灣 中的 NobleProg 公司培訓中心進行。 NobleProg——您當地的培訓提供商

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User Experience Design子類別

User Experience (UX) Design課程大綱

A course for designers of websites, applications, online advertisements and other materials that require understanding and user interaction.
The course will teach research to understand users, develop ideas to solve users needs and the needs of business.
Build and measure these solutions in the real world.
The goal of this course is to guide you through the essential UX tools and processes as user research, personas, user stories, information architecture, visual design principles, prototypes and different kinds of testings. This course will provide you the qualified knowledge and skills to pass the exam and achieve BCS certificate in 9 syllabus areas
This course teaches you about human perception and how to leverage it to deliver the best insights. You will get familiar with design theory, including Gestalt Laws, pre-attentive attributes, and inclusivity. You will also understand the similarities and differences between exploratory and explanatory analysis. You will discover the usage of the charts and learn how to choose the most suitable one. At the end of the course, you will know how to implement the design principles is visualizations created using Tableau software.
Practical training where participants will learn how to use UX metrics
in their work so that design decisions increase the business value of the product.
This instructor-led, live training in 台灣 (online or onsite) is aimed at persons who wish to use Figma to design the user interface for a new or existing software application or website. By the end of this training, participants will be able to:
  • Create modern UI designs in Figma.
  • Create a working, clickable application prototype.
  • Apply design best practices.
  • Accelerate the completion speed of design projects.
  • Collaborate with other designers and developers using Figma.

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